Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Adventure of 2010

We finally managed to go get a pumpkin!  On the upside, we didn't have to wait to carve it.  We picked Hannah Banana up from school, packed a picnic lunch, and headed to Gillis HIll Farm to get some pumpkins.  I picked up a very small one weeks ago and let Hannah paint it but we still hadn't gotten pumpkins to carve.  We picked up two medium sized ones, and one small white one.  I wanted the white one to eat.  I've never had white pumpkin!

And the hunt begins....

 Crash, but a quick recovery.  See those dark clouds.  We ended up eating our picnic in the front seat of the truck.  We thought about going home but we went through the trouble of packing it so we decided to enjoy it and watch the rain.  

 This is a great little local farm.  They sell eggs, homemade ice cream, fresh seasonal produce and other things year round.  And it's only right down the road!

 How bout this one mommie?

 The comparison

 Digging out the guts

 Some other fun stuff we did..

 Hannah really liked this..

 Lucky was interested in the pumpkin too

"Okay Hannah, what do you want your pumpkin to look like?"  "A scarecrow."  

"A scarecrow, huh.  How about this instead?" 

Making some candy necklaces

 They're both so hard at work.  David's carving his own creation now.

Prepping the blood/bug lab

All the creepy crawlers

the "blood"

She had such a precise method, without logic, to the placement of her bugs

in the fridge they go
Our two pumpkins

It was a good day.  

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