Saturday, October 30, 2010


I recently unearthed old photo's.  I love looking back at old photo's.  I thought I'd put some on here and share with everyone else.  Besides, these are probably photo's that most people have never seen.

Aww, this is David and I right after, I mean less than a week, after he returned from Iraq.  In our first apartment, Oakdale Apartments.  Ahhh, good times.  

David, aggravating my sister.  This is after Iraq, before we left for Italy.  He was only home from Iraq for 4 months when we PCS'ed to Italy. 

At the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  One of my favorite places and this is why.  They have an exhibit, Body Slices.  I went back when we went to Chicago in January and it's bigger and more extensive now.  I could look at the body slices section for hours.    

Can anyone tell me why David's nose is black??  So were his toes. 

 At Disneyland in 2000.  TIgger was a former Marine, or very close to a Marine, because he kept giving me crap about my Army sweatshirt.  He even put US Marines under his signature in my book.  

David thought this would be an informative/good experiment for me.  It also included running up and down the stairs, and doing situps and pushups.  

On our way back to NC from leave after Iraq.  This is in the Great Smokey Mountains.  I was SO incredible sick in this picture.  

The Last Nascar race at Rockingham.  I think we spent 4 days there.  It was such a fun time.  Lot's of tailgating, eating, drinking, sitting around a fire.  Lots of people just out to have a good time.

Pinning David.  I did an excellent job.  ; )  No really, ask anyone who saw me do it.  Dan Korp prepped me before hand, by telling me the goal was to pierce his flesh.  I tried REALLY hard to do just that.  This happened within the first month of being in Italy, we were still living in the hotel.  

RIght after we moved into our first apartment, going to some mandatory family thing on post.  

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Susan said...

Great pictures Sam! I LOVE the one of you in the gas mask.