Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why the break?

Cause life has been crazy! Right now, Riley's going through more medical problems. In short, she eats a lot and doesn't grow. So we're seeing lots of specialists to try and figure out what's up with that. I'm actually turning in a food diary for her next week for a dietician to go over. And she's behind in her gross motor. So she receives physical therapy for that a few times a week. In the next couple of weeks she'll go through a variety of tests to rule our some different things. See those red shorts? Those are her special shorts, designed to keep her legs together, otherwise she'd be doing this crazy split thing. Therapy is physically demanding but productive. On Friday, she stood, unassisted a few times, once for about 30+ seconds. Other than those two things, Riley I a happy, fun loving baby. She says a handful of words, loves to swing and play with balls. She loves Hannah so
much, and Hannah showers her with attention. There's lots of other stuff too, but I'll save that for another post! Maybe. ; ). By the way, I'm trying out Bloggers new mobile app. I have no idea how this will look when I hit publish.

This is Riley's crazy contortionist move.  Well, one of them.  

Standing unsupported!!!  Those shorts are called hip helpers.  They're lycra and the crotch is sewn together, forcing her legs to stay together.  

A swing a therapy.  It's blurry, it's a long and narrow sling swing.  She loves it! Heck, I think I'd love it.  

Another swing at therapy.  We work alot on her abs and core.

I love this picture!  This is a big ball pit and the balls are made out of tempura-pedic foam, so they're stiff and it's hard to move around in this ball pit.  

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