Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brave Hannah

When my dad visited last month, he took Hannah to the toy store and let her pick out a few things she wanted to have.  This was one of the things she picked out: a bow and arrow.  

You see, David and I took her to see Brave at the beginning of the month.  She loved Merida, the girl in Brave.  Merida has a bow and arrow and is better than all the boys.  

Riley had fun standing on the other side of the glass.  Every time an arrow hit the glass, she startled a little and then laughed!

She's getting pretty good.  She started out holding the bow sideways, but now she's moved on to holding it up and down, properly.  She's also getting better at shooting the arrow.  

I updated Grandpa Davis on the bow situation a few days ago.  He's already picked out the next level bow and arrow for her.  

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