Friday, September 28, 2012

Konow Farm (Lots of Photo's)

It's been a long time since I posted a blog this lengthy!  So David and I took Hannah out to Konow Farms today.  Riley had her first pediatric cardiology appointment this afternoon and David had the day off, so we thought we'd take advantage and have some fun this morning.  Boy did we!  

Ya know, I'm not a fan of the funky weather that comes with fall.  I like the hot sun and the beach.  However, fall is pretty!  As can be seen in this picture.  Plus, as most of you know, I have a small obsession with pumpkins.

We started at the air pillow.  We got there mid morning, so there weren't a lot of people out yet.  But David and Hannah had fun bouncing together.  David had her flying all over the place.  

Then we moved the corn maze.  There were two mazes; a children's maze and an adult maze.  We did both.  We did the children's maze first.  And, of course, David was not satisfied.  So he discussed it with Hannah, and she obliged.  

They contemplated the map together.  And Hannah led the way.  

David did such a good job of teaching Hannah how to read a map.  He let her figure out the path, after looking at the map with her, and he only guided her when necessary.  

The adult corn maze had 6 hole punch points, where you stamped your map with a hold punch at 6 different places throughout the maze.  Hannah, with a little help from David, guided us to all 6 points.  
This is one of the hole punch points. 

Route discussion.  


This is an overhead shot of the adult maze we maneuvered.

This is the trash I collected along the route, and deposited in a trash can.  People, please don't litter!

After the corn mazes, we enjoyed some of the other activities at the farm.  
Which included a corn pit.  Riley LOVED it!  I mean shrieked and laughed and plunged.  And become very angry when I pulled her out.  

We also went on a cow train ride.  Hannah and David went first.  Hannah, Riley and I went later.  

Riley chilled.  This is her "I"m super tired but refuse to sleep so I'll suck my fingers" mood.  

Hannah was playing in the bales of hay.  David was taking a picture of Hannah.  Riley was watching dad.  

On the hay bales.  

The small animal petting area.  Another Riley favorite.  The cows got very friendly with Riley, which Riley loved.  

My two favorite girls.

My big girl.  How did this happen?!?!

I love these moments.  

All in all, we had a great time!  We opted out of getting a pumpkin this time because it's gives us an excuse to go back.  

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Wonderful... just wonderful :)

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