Friday, September 28, 2012

More therapy stuff

Here's Riley and her new "toy" from physical therapy.  Yep, it's a little walker.  Right now, the therapist just wants her to get familiar with it, so that it doesn't scare her when we go to use it.  In other news, she got back on the treadmill today and did much better.  She actually walked, for minutes.                         

We talked a little about orthotics today, because of this little foot movement she's doing now.  We'll give it a little more time, to see if she corrects herself.  

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Anonymous said...

So what about the foot movements? The kid is obviously going to be a dancer! And you have GOT to get a picture of Riley and her walker next to great-grandma and her walker. Smiling just thinking about it :)

Grandpa Bob