Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Camping Trip, the first 24

Over the Easter weekend, we headed south of Fayetteville, to Tabor City, NC for a camping trip.  We went to a Jellystone Park, which is a little more expensive than other places you can camp, but there is a lot for kids to do.  Since we haven't camped in a long time, since Hannah was an infant, we wanted this first trip to be more about her.  So we pull in Friday evening and get set up.  

Jared and Noelle's tent.  

The girls.  Hannah turned out to be really sick, but here is just the beginning.  That's why she's all bundled up.  

Riley, right in the middle of things.  

Making adult hot apple cider.  

Friday night, after the girls got tucked in, we sat around the fire and just relaxed.  

My girls, all snuggled together Saturday morning.  

The weather wasn't too bad.  It could have been a hair warmer, for my liking, but we all managed.  We were more concerned about being cold at night, which didn't happen at all.  

Making breakfast.  

Dutch Oven hash browns, which were very good.  

Cheese and potatoes, you just can't go wrong.  

Our hey ride with Yogi Bear.  The ride took us around the park.  Again, you can see how cold Hannah is.  

Heading to the egg hunt.  

On our way to the egg hunt, there was a family there having a birthday party.  They thought Riley deserved a green cupcake.  And she really enjoyed it!  

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