Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fishing with Grandpa Davis

Last Saturday we went fishing out at Grandpa Davis' house.  He just built a new, fancy, 2 level dock complete with sitting benches.  Makes for some comfortable fishing.  

I absolutely love this photo.  

The adults all threw some lines in the water as well.  However, the fish just weren't biting on this day.  I think Hannah caught 1 or 2 brim but that was it.  We didn't even get nibbles on the catfish lines.  

Grandpa was telling them something.  I can't remember what though.  

The girls had fun.  Hannah stayed with his fishing pole for a long time!  Then Riley and Hannah toddled around the deck.  Riley did good, she remained aware of the edge and didn't get too close that often.  Besides, there were enough adults around that it wasn't too difficult to keep an  eye on her.  We hung out for a few hours.  Hannah and Riley played with the minnows.  Riley really liked them, and as usual, showed no fear or trepidation at grabbing them repeatedly.  Hannah grabbed a couple but they kept managing to squirm out of her hands and through the crack in the deck.  So I finally told her she wasn't allowed to grab anymore.  It was a good afternoon.  

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