Friday, April 19, 2013

My new workout partner

I've picked up a new exercise partner: Hannah.  I have these grand dreams of Hannah and I running in races together.  I've seen moms and daughters running together in many of the events I've run in.  

We're just starting out together.  I've told her we can run as far, and as fast, as she wants to go.  

I've told her that it's about me and her spending time together.  I know I'm pushing Riley in the photo's but that's more to help  me slow down than anything else.  

Right after she finished her bike ride, she got out a ran with me.  It was her first brick workout. = )

So far, it's going good!  She's excited about it, which is huge.  And she's pretty good.  Her form is good, her legs and feet are flopping all over the place.  She'd rather go fast than slow.  And she's willing to go pretty far, in my opinion.  
I can't wait to see how we progress together.  

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