Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter Part 2

While camping, I discovered I really like shuffleboard!  And I'm pretty good at it.  

You might need to enlarge this photo to see, but this is a photo of the egg hunt they set up for the kids.  They're everywhere, most not even hidden.  

Yogi and Boo boo at the egg hunt.

I helped Riley during the egg hunt.  She understood the concept.  However, I was positioned like this to allow her to get some before the greedier little kids grabbed them all up.  

Hannah, and her crack, searching for eggs.  

This was our preparation for the adult egg hunt.  The guys stayed with the kids while Noelle and I went to hunt adult eggs.  I should've taken a photo of what I got; 26 Cliff bars.  That's like $40 in granola bars!  They had a few eggs with money, some household items, some t-shirts, stuff like that.  The adult egg hunt was a lot of fun. The adults just charged the baseball field, I don't think it lasted longer than 2 minutes!   

Sunday morning I got up and did this bible study.  For those of you that don't know, Romans is quite intense!  

The breakfast David made us Easter morning.  It was delicious; spinach potatoes, bacon bits, tomatoes and avocados.  

The girls got their Easter baskets, and then played with their stuff while breakfast cooked.  

We found a caterpillar.  

The adults played Tie One On, the board game.  

Then we wandered over to the horse shoe pits and played for a little while.  

Shortly afterwards, Riley spiked a fever.  Hannah has been running one for days, without any other symptoms.  We decided it might be best if we headed home.  Which was a good thing, as we found ourselves in the ER late Sunday evening.  The girls are better now, but they both juggled high fevers (105.7) and sickness for 5 days after we got home.  

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