Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some of Riley's favorite things

Riley has such a big personality.  She's loud, she's in your face.  She's rambunctious and demanding.  But she also cuddles and likes to laugh.  Last night, for the first time, she gave me a kiss.  

Riley receives services through Early Intervention, because of her heart and genetic disorder.  Recently they evaluated her and determined that right now, she is tracking right where she should!  It seems that since she started walking, many other things have followed right behind.  She becomes more verbal, articulating words, every day it seems.  Here's what else she's been up to.  

This water table has become a fast favorite.  

On Sunday, we opened the back door.  Riley could see the water table and wanted to go play in it

She got pretty mad when David told her she couldn't go out and play, because it was raining.  David eventually had to close the door.  A little while later we found Riley playing in the toilet water.  ; )  

Riley loves animals.  She gets so excited about any that she sees.  So naturally, this book has become her favorite book.  She gets so excited looking at it, and squeals out the name of the animals she recognizes.  

We look at it at least once a day.  

Riley was walking around the other day, with the magnifying glass pressed to her face.  She would stick it up to her face for a few seconds, then pull it away and laugh!  

She's such a silly girl!  

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