Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our first 5/5

I can't believe that I have forgotten to post this blog!  I realized this past weekend, while we were visiting with Grandpa Bob, that I hadn't posted about our first 5/5 geocache!  

A group of us: Ryan and Rebecca, Ashley, Ty, Logan and Iris, and the Cernock Clan all went out to look for this one that David started out on New Years Eve with Josh and Jared.  We had five coordinate points, and at each point we had to find a number.  

With those five numbers, we could get in to the lock box, which hopefully held the log book and prize.  

Our journey took us all over the woods, in some burned out buildings, along a river.  

We managed to get all the points, in just under 4 hours.  

The locked box, sat on top of this old concrete pillar.  Ryan just happened to have a grappling hook, which was necessary in our quest.  

While we were waiting, we sat on the opposite concrete pillar, watching the progress.  

Since it was Ryan's grappling hook, it only seemed fair to let him use it.  Although David was a little disappointed.  

So what was in the locked box?  Another set of coordinates!  The adventure took us right at 5 hours.  But it was a great way to spend a day, hunting through the woods with a big group of friends. 
We haven't got to that other set yet, but it does hang on our wall.  

Riley was also the trooper.  She hung out in the backpack the whole time.  
The tick inspection that night resulted in 0 ticks.  However, there was one on Hannah's arm the next day and then Riley's head a couple days after that.  

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