Thursday, May 16, 2013

Girls getaway

About a month ago, Michelle and I headed down to Myrtle Beach in an early celebration of Vivian's birthday.  We headed out Thursday afternoon, after picking up Vivian from school. We got in to town a little early, so we made a stop at an outlet mall in the area. This way the kids could run around for a bit. They were a little wound up and excited during the car ride. 

Here's Riley, never one to be left out. 

I like Vivian's pose here. 

I learned something during this stop. Ya know those musical car rides outside all kids of shopping areas?  Well I discovered that you don't even need to put money in them for kids to have fun with them. 

Riley and Logan in the space shuttle. 

Vivian and Hannah in the muscle car. 

Excitement over being at the hotel. 

Riley had to nap after we got there, so Michelle took all the kids down to the water. It wasn't exactly hot, but none of us needed it to be hot to enjoy our time at with the ocean. 

This was one of the indoor swimming areas that the pool had. 

We went shopping at another outlet mall on Friday. I picked up a hat for Riley, which she's modeling here. 

Friday night, Michelle went out with Vivian for some one on one time and when she got back, I went down with Hannah for some one on one time. It was nice. Hannah and I hung out in the hot tub the whole time. 

Our beach goodbye. 

There goes Riley. 

It was great to have my own time with Michelle. We don't have that time as much as I'd like. It's hard. But it's so nice she. We can make it happen. 

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