Monday, December 9, 2013

A new adventure in reading

I've been trying to get Hannah to latch on to a good chapter book series for some time now.  It's time for her to make that transition, and stop reading nothing but 10 pages with pictures on every page.  She'll sit down with me and let me read to her, and read some to me as well, with just about any chapter book.  But I still want her to find something she enjoys on her own.  

So we had a talk about it the other day, on our way to the library to see the high school orchestra.  And she brought up the boxcar children.  The boxcar children books have been in her life for almost two years now.  The problem is that they are slightly outdated and a tad sexiest.  

Hannah and I talked about it and she agreed that she would read it, and not ask me to read it to her.  Because I just don't want to read the boxcar children!  Essentially, that was my goal anyways.  

I told Hannah at the end of chapter, I wanted her to draw me a picture about what she had read.  

As you can see, she's already started.  I got two pictures from the first chapter.  She's currently in the middle of the second chapter.  

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