Friday, December 6, 2013

A Proud Dad Moment

Here's some pictures from our Thanksgiving Day target practice.  

After a little rearranging, Grandpa and Daddy were able to figure out the right set up for Hannah.  

And she hit the target, over and over.  
Possibly more importantly, she had fun.  And wanted to continue doing it.  Which is what makes this a proud dad moment. 

Among all the dresses, high heels, make up and barbie dolls, Hannah has qualities that are the opposite of all that.  Like target shooting, apparently.  

Riley, never one to be overlooked, even just a little, expressed her desire to try as well.  

She looks so tiny, it's pretty cute.  

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Anonymous said...

It was indeed a totally enjoyable experience in every regard and for everyone!

Grandpa Bob