Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Scenes from Christmas

Christmas morning this year went much like christmas mornings of the past: with David and I pondering how long we're going to let the kids sleep!  I thought this might be the year Hannah woke us up, but it wasn't.  
They eventually wandered out just before 8.    

Grandpa Davis, Grandma Moon and Papa Tom were all here to share christmas morning with girls.  

Santa brought Riley a train set.  

Santa brought Hannah a bath robe and slippers. The bath robe is a huge hit, Hannah has worn it everyday since receiving it.  

Santa also brought Riley that lion, because she loves lions so much.  

David and I got her Pitch Perfect and a Where's Waldo book.  She sat down to do her Where's Waldo last night and found him 4 different times with relative ease!  

Grandpa Davis gave Riley a Sofia the First Doll.  She came with animals and they talk to each other.  

Here's Grandpa putting together Hannah's Fluttershy doll.  It flies, which amuses both girls.  

After opening, the kids just explored all their new toys.  Both girls enjoyed the train.  

Riley received some finger paints, along with finger paint paper.  So she spent some time finger painting while Hannah put together her new lego's.  

It was a lego Christmas for Hannah.  She received a bunch from her Great Grandma Davis, Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Brandy.  
Santa also brought her the police station.  

Joshua received a couple of ball caps from Santa and some Monsters University slippers.  He was so excited he couldn't get his eyes open.  And neither could Grandma Moon.  

Riley, with a travel art thing.  

Hannah also received Scrabble Flash, which is a great game.  All of us adults enjoyed playing a few round while the kids were occupied with other toys.  

We ended our evening with a fantastic meal cooked entirely by David: prime rib, sauteed green beans and oven crisp potatoes.  He cooked everything perfectly and it was a great meal!  

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