Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hubbs Corn Maze

I've had these pictures for quite some time.  However, I was waiting for the pictures at the end of this post, before I completed the post.  
So this was about two weeks before Halloween.  We took the girls out to Hubbs Corn Maze.  
That's Hannah, mid jump, over the red stripe.  

You may remember that we took the girls to a corn maze last year, Konow Farms in Illinois.  The girls loved it.  Hannah had a blast navigating the maze with David.  
There's Riley and David.  Riley wanted to jump, of course but she she's so small she had to have help.  Hannah's off to the left.  

Grandma and Grandpa Fox joined us for the maze.  There's Hannah in front, taking the lead.  

Riley wanted to participate, naturally.  The ground was pretty bumpy, which made for lots of stumbling.  

Having a mid maze snack.  

The maze was split into two sections.  After the first section, I took Riley out to let her play on some of the stuff set up for kids, like this dirt and tire mound.  

After Hannah successfully got David and Grandma Fox through the second part of the maze, Hannah and Riley went for a ride together.  

After having a picnic in the parking lot, we decided to go back through the maze.  We didn't make it very far, though, because we had one tired girl.  And two girls that we had to get home.  

These are the pictures I had to wait for.  It's because I had to brag on myself and Becca.  ; )

We went back through the corn maze at night, like a week later.  David and Ryan decided that Becca and I should navigate, while they follow along, only offering advice when necessary.  

We decided that Rebecca would lead while I used the map and told Becca the way to go.  I did use a pen to help me keep track of where I was.  I think Ryan and David offered assistance 3 times, maybe 4.  

At the end of the event, David and Ryan complimented Rebecca and I on how well we navigated the maze.  And I must admit, I was proud of myself!
And now you understand why I had to have these pictures before I completed this post!

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