Tuesday, December 16, 2014

LIFT Trip to the Zoo

At the beginning of November, our homeschool group to a trip to the zoo together.  It's part of a program we enrolled in: Zoo Club.  The zoo makes two trips to us and the we make two trips to the zoo.  During these trips, the kids are taught an hour long class about a pre determined  topic.  It goes perfectly in line with our science class, which is Land Animals of the 6th day.

As with most things done for the first time, there were a few hiccups.  

Most of our coop made it to the class, which was all the way on the opposite side of the zoo from the main entrance.  

The kids actively participated and were well behaved.  

After the class, we all split up into smaller groups and wandered around the zoo at our leisure.  

David had taken the day off to go with us, and we ended up spending the day there, not leaving until 4 pm.  

We didn't see everything, but we weren't trying to see everything.  You see, with our zoo club membership, the girls and I can go to the zoo on any school day, for free.  

Plus we already have our spring trip scheduled.  The only thing we attempted to see, and did not. were the polar bears.  

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