Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Big Girl

Seriously, what have I gotten myself into?  How did I give birth to this girl of all girls?  She likes shoes, and purses, makeup, lotion, perfume, and she likes to check herself out in the mirror.  She likes to mother, and cook.  She likes feather boas, her dancing shoes and dancing dress.  And she likes to dance.  Although, she has her contemplative side.  She also loves to read.  Sometimes David and I will find her sitting in her room, reading.  Other times, she wants to read to us and other times she wants us to read to her.  Here is Hannah and mommies make-up.  She's surprisingly careful about her application.  

1 comment:

Susan said...

That is too funny and definitely shows that it is nature and not necessarily nurture ... Just like Lem loving tractors from the very beginning.
Love the new layout, where did you get it?