Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Top 9 in 2009

I was looking back through my old postings and saw where I posted my Top 8 in 2008.  I realized that I had not posted one for this last year.  So here it is, a little late, and in no particular order:
1)  David became a Police Officer, this has been something David talked about doing as long as I've known him.  He is very happy, and well matched with his career.  And pretty freaking hot in his uniform!
2)  Moving back to Fayetteville has given me the opportunity to love and appreciate my only sibling not just as my sister but as a person.
3)  We became home owners!
4)  I entered my very first race and became hooked.  My eye is on a half marathon now.
5)  I was able to stay home with Hannah again, and have loved watching her grow and take shape in her personality.
6)  We took a trip to Connecticut, a part of the country I had never seen and a part of the country that is uniquely beautiful.
7)  I had many firsts, to include my first car accident and my first broken bone.
8)  I began a love affair with cooking and baking.
9)  i turned fill fledged tree huger, health nut; throwing out (permanently) some of David's favorite foods.  He'll thank me later!

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grace said...

yes ma'am, there's nothing like a man in uniform. :)
congrats on all your accomplishments last year...and sorry for the broken bone. if i'm reading correctly, though, the good definitely outweighed the bad! :)