Saturday, January 9, 2010

Other members of the Cernock family

Here's a little update on all the other members of our happy circus, er home.  The kitties, snuggled with me one morning.  Rossi, eating his christmas penguin.  I think it lasted 2 weeks.  And finally, the destruction of one of many Hannah toys by the dog.  Yes, it's pink finger paint.  All over the carpet.  On the kitchen floor.  On the freakin couch (transfer from his nose!)  I'd be so bored without everyone.  We are adopting another cat.  It's our friend Josh and Leah's cat.  If I weren't so familiar with the cat, we wouldn't be taking it.  However, it's a 15 lb love-ball.  It's indoor/outdoor.  I mean really, what's one more cat?  They're moving to DC, and downsizing greatly, and can not take Lucky.  We're taking it on the agreement that if DC doesn't work out, and they come back, they get the cat back.    


lauragray said...

I really love dog and the kitten are so cute, your photography are so great, i love it. keep up the great posting like this, i hope there are more post amazing photos.

Thank you!

Southern Cernock said...

thanks, im trying to perfect my picture taking for the blog.