Monday, December 20, 2010

Playdate at Monkey Joe's

Last week we decided to take Hannah and Braylon to Monkey Joe's.  It's nice because we can take the kids during the middle of the week, during the middle of the work day and there's a fraction of the kids there.  This time there were about 10 kids total.  We stayed for about an hour and a half the kids didn't slow down at all!  They had so much fun.  

This was the cutest thing: every time they went down this particular slide together, they held hands.   

It's nice when Hannah and Braylon get to play together like this.  They don't get much time to play together since they're in separate classrooms at school.  And they play so well together.  While they were playing, I was busy typing up a summary for school.  That's one of the nice perks of Monkey Joe's: free Wifi.  

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Michelle in Parkton said...

What? Hannah not in a dress?