Sunday, December 26, 2010

THE Playhouse

Because it's not just any playhouse.  It's a small shed.  No joke.  3 windows, a full size door, carpet, cedar trim and a little porch.  That's what my dad built for Hannah for Christmas.  It's very nice.  She didn't quite understand it, until we had it in the backyard. Right now her kitchen is it in, two chairs and a small table, her shopping cart and a little basket.

Right after we moved her kitchen in. 

My dad, putting her windows back together after transport.

Opening one of the windows

The inside wall that the door is on is made of white board, so Hannah can draw and erase on it.  Hannah also likes to play with steering wheels, so my dad found one and put it in.

This is the side.

Closing her door.

I took this one today because I didn't have any full shots yet.  

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Dana said...

That is AWESOME! I love it!