Monday, August 1, 2011

Hannah's Story, Part I

There I was, thinking about Riley's story for the blog, when it occurred to me that nowhere was Hannah's story journalized.  So if for no other than reason than my own preservation, here is the story of how Hannah joined our family.  Some suspect that it may have started on a Tuesday, when David and I hiked a mountain.

52 Tunnels

From wikipedia: Strada delle 52 Gallerie, too Strada della 1st Prima Strada della Armata Armata and is today one of the best known and most visited Italian military roads of the First World War . It was built to the positions of the Alpini in the Pasubio in trench warfare in the southern Dolomites to supply.

Yes, I was trying to have her as quickly as possible.  My due date was May 12th, David was set to deploy May 21st.  The faster she was born, the more time he would get with her.  So we hiked a mountain.  I made it to tunnel 38 before snow, ice and the risk of falling became too high for me to comfortable.  I'm not so sure it began here, but because other people, to include David, think this was a contributing factor, I decided to add it to the story.  

I think it began sometime in during the night Friday/early Saturday morning.  The Friday following 52 Tunnels, David and I drove to Lido di Jesolo for the weekend.  While on the beach Saturday I began to leak, sorry there's no other way to put!  After it happened a few times, we decided to head back to Vicenza, just to be on the safe side.  I don't remember if we went straight to the birthing center or not.  I only know that we went sometime on Saturday.  The nurses checked everything out and sent me home, assuring me I was not in labor.  I was nervous, but tried to have faith in the 
nurses at the birthing center.  

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