Monday, November 21, 2011

4 Months

What Miss Moon has been up to: chewing on her hands.  A lot.  And she gets mad if you take her hands away.  She also bubbles and gurgles away.  I've always thought leaving a bib on a baby was stupid....until now.  This kid soaks her onesies.  She's kicking her little legs all over the place.  She's been doing that since before she was born though, she kicked a lot more than Hannah in the womb.  

There go those legs.  You can't tell she had heart surgery 
two weeks ago tomorrow!

Lip smacking good fingers.  


New Toys

Still the loving and kind big sister.

Chowing down toys and hands

Also, if surgery had not happened, we'd been rolling over, no doubt.  She's tried a couple of times since then but I panic and avert it.  Hannah is still infatuated with her little sister and helps out all the time.  As Riley becomes easier to entertain, Hannah spends more time entertaining her.  

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