Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

It was cold, rainy and just plain miserable.  The kids didn't complain.  But they didn't last long.  We decided to join the Marra's for Halloween.  They live in one of those neighborhoods where the traffic pretty much shuts down and kids run all over the place.  David was the first one out the door, with Hannah, Vivian, Logan and the rest of the adults following closely.  

Raincoats over costumes

Hula Girl, Jessie and Monkey 

Trucking along in the rain

Umbrella's and Wind

Candy from the Crazy Clown.  I was proud of Hannah for being brave 
and going up there. 

Logan, our little monkey, said no to the crazy clown.  

The kids lasted an hour, maybe a little longer.  Not that I could blame, even the adults were miserable.  Michelle had the perfect setup for everyone at her house.  We had two types of soup, bread, salad, hot apple cider and hot spiced wine.  The adults got warm and the kids went through their candy with a little adult help.  We left Michelle's to take Hannah over to my mom's but she fell asleep on the way there.  I was surprised, considering the amount of sugar she'd had, it's evidence to how hard she worked to get that candy!  

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