Monday, November 21, 2011

The fastest recovery ever

Riley spent two days in the PCICU.  By the time she left the PCICU, she had everything removed except for the heart monitors (which could not be removed before she was released) and her nasal cannula.  She could have moved into a regular room with more than that still attached to her, that's just how good she was doing, recovery wise.

Here she is the night of her surgery.  You could see her trying to regain full consciousness, especially when David and I were talking to her.  

Sleeping peacefully the next day.  

We got to hold her on Wednesday.  It was little nerve racking, because
we didn't want to do anything to hurt her.  But the nurses helped out by letting us get situated in the chair and then handing her to us. 

For the first time in David's life he was able to successfully feed one of our children.
He was pretty emotional about it.  

More peaceful sleeping.  She did a lot of that the first two days
following surgery.  

The wing in between the PCICU and the 
children's hospital.

Into a regular room on Thursday.  It was a lot different than the ICU ward.  
I mean there was a 1 to 1 ratio in the PCICU.  But we couldn't sleep there.  
As mom and David, we were nervous about her getting moved too soon.  I mean, 
just as we had been prepared for, we expected her stay in the ICU to be a little longer.  

Friday.  Notice the TInkerbell picture behind her, Hannah made 
that for Riley's hospital room.

In the next two photo's, you can see Riley's incision.  You have to look closely 
though, because it's very thin.    

Showing signs that she's ready to go: she's trying to get to the fingers attached to that 
arm board.  

And we were released on Saturday.  It was a remarkable turn around for a 3 month old that had heart surgery 4 days prior!

David and I could not be happier about the turn around.  Matter of fact, we 
went to church the next day, as a praise to all the people who had been praying for her.  We wanted them to know that we believe our prayers were answered.  Our church was such a sense of support for David and I.  People reached out to David and I from all over, offering kinds words and prayers.  Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.  

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