Monday, January 9, 2012

Learning At Home

We've decided to homeschool. There, I said it.  I've been thinking about it for 2 years.  I've talked to other mothers who homeschool and familiarized myself with the process.  David is on board, though he took a little longer to get on board!  Until we start a regimented school routine, after Hannah's 5th birthday, I've begun in incorporate more learning at home.  

These are some books I picked up at the dollar store and they are perfect for us right now.  They're short books and they're Disney Princess themed!  

We have one on Phonics and one on Addition and Subtraction.  

After a few sit down's with Hannah I have learned that 3 and E get confused about 95% of the time.  Other very tricky letter/numbers are 6 and 9, and C, K, S which are used/confused interchangeably.  I've also noted that Hannah does exceptionally better in the morning than the evening.  This past Friday night, David practiced pronouncing words with her, and I think she did pretty well.  I'm working with her on memorizing certain words, such as And and The.  I'm excited to do this for her and I.

To better understand why I choose to homeschool, check out Waiting For Superman on Netflix.    

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Susan said...

I love those workbooks. Lem got one in his stocking, and he spent a long time on Christmas day working through it. I think it's a good way to incorporate learning without making it "work."
I can't wait to hear how the homeschooling goes, and I think it's a great idea to slowly introduce it before you start after her birthday.