Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stuff That Works

Hannah has had a cough for weeks now.  There's nothing else with it, just a yucky cough with normal colored mucus coming up.  And just the other day, I started to feel the cold symptoms come.  So I went to the drug store to look for something to kick it in the butt before it goes raging out of control.  I really prefer to stick with herbal remedies so when I saw this, I decided to try it.  Yep, Hannah and I are taking it, and it works.  And tastes really good.  

In other Cernock news, it's going to be a busy day today.  David's working on the outside of the house and this afternoon we have 2 birthday parties.  One for Hannah's friend, Kyle, and one for my friend, Noelle.  In between will probably be some school work.  And slaw dogs.  We're making them for lunch with my dad.  We don't get as much time with his as we would like, so we try to make the time we do get special.  Then tonight we're going to party it up, kinda.  As much as two kids and mom and dad can!  

Have a happy Saturday. 

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Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Sounds like a great Saturday to me. Hope you and Hannah are on the mend! I am getting over a cold myself this week.