Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Park and TuttiMelon

I first blogged about TuttiMelon over here: TuttiMelon.  It came to Fayetteville about two years ago and it's wonderful.  I love it so much.  When I was pregnant, I would eat it for dinner.  On Thursday, it was a gorgeous sunny, warm day.  David got off early so we headed to the park with the kids.  David played with Hannah at the playground while I ran a few miles with Riley.  Afterwards, I decided to drop David and Riley off at the house and take Hannah out for TuttiMelon.  The only thing I've done with just Hannah since Riley was born is take her to get her hair cut.  There are two things I love about TuttiMelon.  Well, more than that, but two I'm going to address now.  The first one is the awesome flavor.  The second: Hannah's flavor combo's.  They had a new flavor for Valentine's Day: Red Velvet FroYo.  Hannah and I both got it, after numerous taste tests. 

Here's Hannah's creation: yogurt pretzels, chocolate sprinkles and sour gummy worms.  She had me all the way until the gummy worms.  

I went very traditional, coconut.  

It was nice to spend time with just Hannah.  After we ate our froyo, we walked down to the move theatre to see what movies were playing but there was nothing too hot showing.  And I say it agian: if you haven't experienced TuttiMelon, you must go!

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Anonymous said...

Love that place...Don't know which I like more froyo or gelato...and the girls are so sweet esp. the blonde with the long ponytail. She is so polite. Wish she was there more often.