Tuesday, March 27, 2012

12 March: Moving Day

The night before was long!  Hannah spiked a fever around 10 pm.  Everything was packed, which meant David was on his way to WalMart at 10 pm.  I woke up at 430 am, throwing up.  David looked at me after getting sick and said "do you want to wait and leave tomorrow?"  But I declined.  My dad was going to be there at 5 am, with coffee and I didn't want to drag out my goodbyes any longer.  We couldn't fit everything on the UHual, so I was grumpy about leaving my family and my stuff; I just wanted to get this over with.  We got on the road a little after 6 am.  By 1030, I deeply regretted not waiting  another day.  We had already stopped twice.  David called Amy and Tom to let them know that he was unsure when we'd make it in because I was so sick.  That's when they decided to get in there car and drive towards us.  I know, pretty awesome, right!?!  It took David and I 11 hours to drive 400 miles because we had to stop so much for me.  Amy and Tom met up with us in Knoxville.  Tom took over for me and I slept the remainder of the drive to Carbondale.  We FINALLY got to Carbondale at 1130 pm (1230 am NC time).  It was nuts.  I don't know what I would have done without Amy and Tom's help.  Turned out to me some stomach bug, I felt better the next day and 100% the third day.  Driving + puking = not again!  David and I spent the next 4 days settling ourself in, then we headed to Chicago for some surprise baby shower fun and his first day of work.  

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