Monday, March 26, 2012

Hannah and Riley, the last month

We got Hannah a "A Frog Prince" for Valentines Day.  It was a small plastic conainer that held a frog.  You put water in the container and watched the frog transform into a prince.  

This is where we were about an hour into the transformation.  The complete change took about 3 days.  From here, he really just got bigger.  

Here's Riley, pounding on her keyboard.  

Here's Hannah (not pictured) with her kids.  They're on the bus, going on a field trip.  

Hannah's necklace she fashioned out of Riley's toys.  

I left Riley home with David so I could go work out.  Here's what I came home to:

Hannah's new tag toy.  It came with a small map of the solar system.  It's really neat!

This side has a solar system board game, the other side is her map.  

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