Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A short bounce to Chicago

It was a good visit.  We got in Friday evening and David got promptly situated for his first day of work on Monday.  Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, was spend at Aunt Debby and Uncle Jim's house.  Everyone joined us at their house for dinner.  

It was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL day!  
Riley loved it.  

I love this picture!

Of course there was cornhole.  Will and Jim are playing in the water table.  
Hannah and Debby are spectating the cornhole game.  
And Brain, well he's analyzing his St. Patty's Day beverage. ; )

Hannah, Will, and Harrison

Hannah and Will

Chalk drawing at Grandma Cernock's by Hannah and Rachel.

 Riley's first dip, 
it was pretty cold but she didn't seem to mind.

  And Hannah braved a rope climb.  She did all out slide down once.  And got really bad rope burn, but we recovered and agreed that for now, someone will help her with the rope.  

And this was our train ride home.  

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