Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why the long pause?

Tomorrow will be one month since I last blogged.  Whoa!  Where has the last month gone, you ask?  Moving and sickness.  While we were in Chicago for Christmas, David was offered a job.  It's a job thats been open to him since he separated from the army.  David has said for quite some time that he didn't want to be a superisor for the police department.  He didn't have the desire to go up with the police department.  He had atually applied for a couple of jobs while I was pregnant with Riley.  So it wasn't a super shock to me when he started to serisouly consider the Chicago job offer.  We used the long drive home to talk about whether or not we wanted to seriously pursue this option.  

We decided to go for it.  Many different factors are involved in why we said yes but ultimately we both feel like we can offer more to our kids in Chicago than we were able to in Fayetteville.  David believed that him and I could have more of what we want, i.e kids.  So we decided to take the leap.  

I kept quite about it for many reasons.  For one, we weren't sure about anything until 2 weeks before we left.  The other reason: I didn't want my mom to find out over the internet.  Ya see, I haven't spoken to my mom since Christmas day.  She said some very hurtful things to me, fueled by anger and alcohol.  I don't like the thought of being her punching bag, and she has not taken responsibility for what she did.  

 Here's some photo's I took making cookies for Hannah's last day at school, 3 days before we left.  I really didn't think about all my kitchen stuffed being packed up when I signed up to do these.  So this simmer pot was for dry ingredients.

This quart plastic freezer container was for wet ingredients.  

Here's my concoction all mixed together.  

The final product: Cake Batter Pudding Cookies.  They tasted FANTASTIC!!!  
I think I got the award for Most Creative Baking award.  

Friday night, two days before we left. David had packed all his clothing and bedding.  So here he is, in ranger panties with Hannah's princess pillow, getting ready for bed.  

Saturday night with even less!  Pizza and The Wonder Years on the floor.  

Next:Moving Day.  to be continued......

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