Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why We Moved

So aside from David's belief that he will be happier doing this job, and WAY better health insurance (which we've decided our family must have) here are some of the other considerations that played a part in our decision to move to Chicago.  

The Ashbury Greenway, and all the other greenways just like this!  
Where I can run for miles......with no babies!

See those poles?  They're perfect for speed training.  Which I need to work on for the 
Chicago Marathon I will run.


The Museum of Science and Industry

The Shedd Aquarium


I can not wait to run down this path.  18 miles total, along Lake Michigan.

In short: culture and experience for ourselves and our kiddo's.  

I was talking to my Sunday School group right before we left.  I told them that I've realized why God brought me back to Fayetteville, for such a short time.  Before we moved back to Fayetteville, I thought I was a small town girl.  I thought I wanted to live in a country/rural setting.  But that's not what I want anymore.  Living in Italy changed me, and so has being a mom.  I get so excited thinking about the things I can offer Hannah and Riley in the way of culture and experience in Chicago..  Don't get me wrong, I would love to retire on 5 acres with lots of animals with a section for a garden.  But right now, I want to take advantage of the things that come with the big city.  I get excited thinking about Broadway, and the shows that David and I can go see.  I get excited thinking about my sister coming to see me in Chicago and taking her around.  I think about being with Josh and Leah in the city. I'm excited about what the future holds.  

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