Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sweat Test

Part of our exciting medical run around: 

These little things collected her sweat.  The blue you see is her sweat.  She hated the whole procedure.  As soon as they swabbed her arm to clean it, she burst into tears.  
This lead to Hannah crying.  She was scared for Riley.  It was a mess, but we pulled it together pretty quickly.  

I think she's figured out that swabbing comes before shots.  

The whole ordeal lasted about an hour and a half.
The test was done at Loyola University Hospital, where we received fantastic service. The campus reminded me of Duke.  Everyone we encountered was ready and willing to help.  At one point, Riley was taking cereal out of her cup and throwing it on the floor.  I shook my head and the lady at registration smiled and said "Don't worry, people have thrown much worse in here."  I'd go back there for sure.  

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