Friday, January 4, 2013

Jewelry Tree and Ring

This was another Christmas present we made this year: jewelry trees complete with a wire wrapped rose ring.  

I collected more sticks from Amy and Tom's back yard, but I looked for one with short sticks going out, that would be good for hanging jewelry off of.  

Then I baked the sticks in the oven for 10 minutes, just to remove any moisture.  

Then Hannah and I took some acrylic paint and painted them.  I went over the branches with paint a few times, to give them a nice smooth texture.  

The base is made from a candle dish and plaster of paris.  If you attempt this at home, just know that the plaster of paris hardens quickly!

Then, to distract from the somewhat sloppy plaster job, we adorned the base with beads.  I used a hot glue gun for this part, which I would not recommend using because the beads pop off easily.  

This ring was super easy to make.  I got the tutorial from here: Tutorial.  

The completed project:

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Anonymous said...

The rings are much prettier and impressive than these photos indicate. Very, very nice!

Grandpa Bob