Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twig Picture Frames

This was one of the things we made and gave away as christmas presents.  December can be a quiet month of blogging for me and this is one of the reasons why, I don't want to blog about the gifts we've created until I give them away.  

So I went in Amy and Tom's backyard and collected twigs.  They have lots of them.  Lots of twigs.  

Then I loosely bundled them and wrapped floral wire around them until it became fastened.  

It's hard to see with the table cloth underneath the frames but here are two, assembled.  

I bought two different ribbons to wrap around the frames.  

Then I just wrapped a length of ribbon around the floral wire and hot glue it down.  You could get pretty creative with the ribbon.  

The almost final look.  I took wide shimmer ribbon and placed it across the frame completely, for the backing to hold a photo.  I just now realized I didn't take a photo of that though.  

It was so easy.  I made 8 or 9 in no time at all.  Next time I'm at my mom's, I'll take a photo of hers, she's already got it hanging up.  

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