Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spreading the infection, err love

Right before we went to Chicago, for that last visit, I got strep throat (during finals at school : /).  I was diagnosed on Wednesday and we left for Chicago on Friday.  On Saturday, I noticed Hannah acting not quite herself.  During dinner, in Greektown, she wanted to sit on my lap and she wasn't her usual peppy and entertaining self.  I kept asking her about her throat, because I was afraid maybe she was getting sick too.  Sunday, in the middle of the night because my kids cannot get a fever at 10 am on Monday, Hannah got a fever close to 104.  I called the on call doctor at her pediatrician's office and after explaining our situation she agreed that Hannah likely had strep too and she would prescribe something over the phone for me.  This was such a relief!  And saved me from paying for an ER visit.  I had medicine in her by 9 am Sunday.  I felt confident that she would feel better by Monday, so we could go home on time.  

Monday morning her fever was still at 104.  I was in a bit of a pickle because Amy and Tom were leaving and I didn't have anywhere to stay but I didn't want to subject Hannah to a 6 hour drive to Carbondale when she felt so bad.  Kelly graciously opened her house up to us, which is remarkable considering her daughter, Jayden, gets sick pretty easily.  

We outfitted the house, and the girls, as best we could, to keep the germs from spreading.  And the girls played happily together while Hannah recuperated.  

We ended up taking Hannah back to the doctor, because her lymph nodes were not going down and her fever remained the same.  

All this did not detour the girls from acting like girls.  Even Layla got in on the action.  

Riley enjoyed this game of peek a boo.  

Our wonderful precautions did not keep Jayden from getting sick.  Poor Jay, she got a vomiting bug and then strep.  Regardless of the circumstances, it was fun to spend some time with Kelly and the girls.  The odd thing is that in the end, Hannah did not have strep throat, based on the send off culture they did.  Don't know what she had, other than a nasty infection that settled in her throat.  

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