Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Festivities

Note to readers: moving during the Christmas season is rough.  You have so much to accomplish from moving, and you have christmas visiting requirements, which make for a SUPER busy holiday season.  

Ours started with my Grandma Davis' house on the 23rd..  
The photo's are all a little blurry in spots but they're the only ones I have.
Cousins, aunts and uncles.   

My dad, helping Hannah.  

Riley, with my grandma and aunt, in her christmas best. 

Hannah, getting her nails done by my cousin.  

After we left my grandma's we went home and pulled in the driveway at the same time as David's dad.  David had to work on Christmas Eve; when he got home we piled in the car and went to my mom's for dinner and gifts.  Hannah, in more of her Christmas best.  This is actually an outfit my mom and Art got for Hannah last christmas.  

Me and momma

Dinner, yum. ; )  I took this picture to send it to my sister; ham, butter beans, corn casserole, tomato pie and mashed potatoes.  To make her jealous.  It worked.  And then I stuffed myself.  

Riley, being uncooperative.  

Ready to open gifts, especially Hannah.  

I don't even know......

Grandpa Bob being silly with Hannah's reindeer antlers.  

The Merida wig.  

Red looks good on Grandpa.  

The complete Merida outfit.  

My leftovers.  Another picture I took to send to my sister.  

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