Thursday, February 13, 2014

Anderson Creek 5k

Saturday, February 1 Hannah and I ran/walked the Anderson Creek 5k.  

Pros: The run was in a gated community, which shut down during race time.  It was nice to not have to worry about traffic, especially since Hannah was with me.  The route was nice, with lots of stuff to look at.  It was not a double back route, so the route was constantly changing.  The  course was pretty flat, with an incline and the very end, which made for some awesome downhill action right before the finish.  

Cons: The route was closed to traffic.  I know, I know; I listed this as a pro too.  This wouldn't have been a con at all if we didn't have Joshua.  But they didn't want anyone parking in the community and we didn't want our newborn out in the cold.  So David took Riley, and Joshua, to McDonald's.  After the race, we parked right across the street from the entrance to the community and we met up that way.  

Last week, we had a nice day so I took the kids out.  This was Joshua's first time in the jogging stroller.  

Hannah and Riley walked and ran.  

Joshua was unhappy at first.  

But he quickly drifted off to sleep.  

As soon as all this snow leaves, we'll get back out there and enjoy the sunshine and outdoors.  

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