Monday, February 10, 2014

My new thing

A little known fact: I love to sing.  I love to passionately belt out a song, and have, since I was a teenager.  There's something very therapeutic about singing at the top of your lungs.  
In high school I sang on my school's praise team, which consisted of about 12 people.  Around the same time, I joined the choir at my church, the same church we attend now.  I sang with the choir for a few years.    

Fast forward to us moving back to Fayetteville, the first time.  I talked about joining the choir again but just never did it.  You know how life sometimes gets in the way of your plans.  Yeah, it was something like that.  By this time, David had heard my sing and encouraged me to join.  

Fast forward some more to the proposed start up of our new satellite church location.  David knew his place from the beginning.  I told David that I would be part of our praise team.  However, right before the launch, one of the two people who was supposed to run the preschool program decided not to join the satellite location.  I knew I would be comfortable with babies, and seeing that I was having my own baby soon, the preschool room seemed like a good fit.  

Which is where I've been, up until last weekend.  Two weeks ago, David came out of service and told me that the praise team really needed another vocalist.  So I reluctantly said "Ok, I'll try it out."  You see, while I'm confident that I don't sound horrible, I'm not confident I sound good.  Or at least good enough to be one of 3 vocalists.  

Yesterday was my second Sunday up there and I must say I'm enjoying myself so much.  The first Sunday, I was nervous and very aware of my body.  I felt stiff and unsure of what to do with myself.  I also held back my singing from nerves.  I knew over the upcoming weeks that I would become more comfortable with my singing and stature.  Yesterday was amazingly better!  We sang one of my favorite songs by Casting Crowns and I belted it like I would have in my own home.  I felt more comfortable and just had a good time.  
I'm so happy I took this step and I'm looking forward to how I'll change over the next few weeks.  While yesterday was a great improvement to the week before, I'm still mildly self conscious.  

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