Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life is

Simply busy.  I think this is the new normal for us.  How can life not be busy when we're constantly keeping up with 3 kids!

Joshua continues to grow, and eat, like the little chunky monkey he is.  This past weekend we moved him up to a size 2 diaper because size 1 no longer fit.  For perspective, Riley wears a size 3!  On that note, Riley is house potty trained.  Meaning, she doesn't go away from the house because she doesn't want to sit on a regular size potty.  However, at home, she goes in her potty about 80% of the time.  

The kids at co-op love Joshua.  

This is last Wednesday, after co-op and before Awana's.  We went to Great Grandma Davis' house for pound cake and Valentines crafts.  

I've made a new house rule: you can not watch the movie before you read the book, if it applies.  We started with Frozen.  She's read the book, now we can see the movie.  

This past Sunday we went roller skating with a group of people from the church.  

Riley LOVES to roller skate!  Being on skates makes her calmly happy.  I've pondered strapping some to her feet for when we're at home! ; )  

Some of our friends from church.  

Here's Hannah and Joshua, watching the Olympics last night.  
Hannah continues to be my helper, assisting with Riley and Joshua when needed.  

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