Monday, April 21, 2014

Marathon Recap: 8 days later

     I can honestly say that the day after wasn't nearly as bad as it should've been.  The Monday following my run, I had more muscular pain than I'd had on Sunday but I could move and I had truly expected not to be able to move!  I didn't work out at all Monday, Tuesday and I did some yoga, Wednesday and Thursday I got on my spin bike and Friday I did a workout with stroller strides.  Saturday I did a short Jillian Michael's workout.  On Friday I noticed that my left knee was a little funny, like it wanted to pop.  I just paid attention to it when I sat down and so far, no popping.

     In fact, my recovery went so well that I've decided I'll have to run another marathon, where I actually run the entire thing.  For some time now I've said that I want to run the Disney Wine and Dine Marathon.  It's at night, through Epcot with many Disney characters on the route.  I think it sounds like fun!  Plus, your marathon entry also gets you entry into the Wine and Dine event at Disney, which features food and beverage from many of the countries represented in Epcot.  I also want to run the Marine Corps Marathon.  So we'll see what pans out in the future.  I have no plans on running a marathon in the next year.  Breastfeeding every two hours makes a 5 to 6 hour running event difficult, for sure!  

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