Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Playhouse upgrades

For all the world to see: here's the upgraded and improved playhouse!

Hannah has been so anxious to get her playhouse back.  We choose not to have it brought to the rental, because we knew the rental was not a long term thing.  My dad had it in the backyard of our new home less than a month into staying here.  

Hannah cleaned it out, with spray cleaners and a broom.

Then we added some curtains.  And a table and chair.  

As well as this wire shelf for her.

My dad had mentioned a swing set going off the playhouse.  A week later, he did this:

There are three swings; a baby swing, a regular swing and a disc swing.  There's also the rock climbing wall, which leads you to the slide.  

The girls LOVE it.  Riley does have a very difficult time saying good bye to the swing. 

Hannah's been perfecting her jump technique.  

The kids have quite the backyard paradise; a swingset, a playhouse and a sandbox.  

Oh, and the playhouse will get an addition in the near future.  I mean, Riley has to have her own area (according to grandpa)!

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