Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Myrtle beach part 2

After the cheer competition, we headed to Broadway at the Beach.  It's a total money trap, but nice for all the reasons that it is a trap.  There's so much for kids to do there. They have some dinosaurs, which are very popular.  All you can do is climb on them, but the kids love to do just that.  

The girls discovered that they could pick up the little pieces of food dropped by others and feed it to the birds.  The birds would practically take it right out of your hand.

After the cheer events had wrapped up, Jayden and Layla and their cousins met us at Broadway.  We decided to head to the aquarium.  

Which is always a hit.  And a VERY reasonable price for active duty and veterans, families included.  

The girls ran around, oohing and ahhing the sharks, eels, turtles and fish.  

Jayden and Hannah played with some crabs.  

After exploring the aquarium for a few hours, Jayden said good bye.  She had to go take team photo's.  Then our family went back in to watch the mermaid show.  A neat addition to the aquarium, and the show is free.  David had scooped it out and figured how to get the girls right in front during the mermaid meet and great.  

It's a dark photo, but there's our girls with the mermaids.  

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