Friday, April 29, 2011


Yep, we got another dog.  In truth, we've been talking about it for months.  Since October to be precise.  Brady is a yellow lab/husky mix that is just over a year old.  She comes to us from a young military couple who are not able to keep her anymore.  She's housebroken and listens pretty well.  She has lived in an apartment her entire life, so she's not used to being outside without someone.  But her energy levels match Rossi's! And that is what we wanted.  The two of them run and play most of the day.  Which means you can actually sit outside without Rossi constantly pestering you with one of his toys.

She loves the water; Rossi does not.  I remember when we got Rossi, knowing he was part lab, and being excited about getting him in the water only to get him home and discover that he hates it.  So I'm happy about her love for water.  I can't wait to take her to the river!  The first couple of pictures were taken the day we got her.

At least half of their waking hours are spent doing this....

and this.......

I took these yesterday.

She also likes to submerge her head.  If there's a pool with water in it, she play then jump in it for about 5 minutes to cool off.  Then she plays some more, then breaks for another dip.  

This is the extend of Rossi's love of water.

More playing

We've had her since Sunday.  The agreement with the other couple was to give it until today to see how she worked out with Rossi, the cats and Hannah.  She hasn't gotten aggressive at all.  David has done is usual kid training of pulling hard on her ears and tail.  I think it's safe to say that she's going to work out.  I like that she compliments Rossi so well.  It's so hard having a dog with so much energy.  The lab in Rossi means that he will continue with puppy like behavior for the better part of two more years.  Now, with Brady, he has someone around that has as much energy as him.  

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