Friday, April 22, 2011

An early birthday present

This morning David and I went to Horse World to look at cowgirl boots for Hannah.  She asked for them a couple weeks ago, for her birthday.  We both wanted to get them for Hannah, since it's promoting something other than a princess.  We're looking at these boots, and we can't decide which ones to get her.  I thought she'd like the white with pink stitching best, David thought she'd like the plain brown.  Between sizing issues and the disagreement on which style to get her, we just decided to bring her and let her pick them out.  Good thing we did.  As soon as she looked at the boots, she said "I want the red ones."  Figures, we were both wrong!  We picked up the matching belt as well.  

Testing out her boots.

Which included kicking pine cones...

and splashing in puddles.  

WIth a little luck, we'll get her out of dresses all the time and more on a cowgirl thing
than a princess thing.  To keep the momentum, we're taking her out to our friends house next week, where she'll get to ride on a horse.  

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Susan said...

She is one adorable little cowgirl.