Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One of those Perfect Days

Today was just that.  David's been working nonstop overtime as a result of the tornado's that came through on Saturday.  Fortunately, he has one day off, today.  His next day off will likely not happen until next Tuesday.  And it'll be 12 on/12 off until then.  The best part about today being the one day he has off is that he got to join me for Hannah's school Easter Egg Hunt at the park.  Instead of dropping the kids off and coming home for 30 minutes to meet the school at the park, we kept Braylon and Hannah here and headed straight to the park.  We went a little early so they could play.  After her class got there they played for about 30 minutes.  Then the adults, David included, hid the eggs.  This really just meant they tossed the randomly all over the ground.

All the kids getting situated

Playing egg themed games


Hannah sliding to Ms. Lisa

Ms Rakia and Hannah; and yes, that's her underpants because she's a tiny
thing and most of her pants are just a little too big!


Hannah going down the big slide

Braylon and Ms. Faith

Daddy got sucked into helping a bunch of kids across the bars.

Singing songs while waiting for the hunt to begin.

Hannah grabbing her first egg.

It was a mad dash.....

More eggs!

Braylon, running to find more eggs

Hannah's bag.  After this we all had lunch together.  Ms. Pat, one of Hannah's teachers, said to me "Hannah's so funny with you guys around.  She's our little class leader!"  With mom and dad around she seemed a little bashful and wanted to hang out close to us.  After awhile she started to be more like herself though.  

This was the crash, hours later.

Hannah took these pictures.  You can see our new pool in the background.
I'll have to post some pictures of her playing in it.  She really likes the new slide 
feature.  I like that it's big enough for me to get in and really get wet.

I love Phlox, I think it smells so good.

My mint and zucchini, that need to be planted in the garden.

Me, watering the fern in front of Hannah's playhouse.

Geesh...that is one big prego belly!

An absolutely perfect meal: pork chops and asparagus with sweet potatoes.  

A perfect end to such a good day!  Hannah played, David and I sat on the deck, talking and relaxing.  

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