Sunday, April 10, 2011

My helper

I like this stage, where Hannah just wants to help!  I have to remind myself to take advantage of this by letting her help whenever she can.  Even though it typically means that the task will take longer to complete when she does it.  So right now she feeds to dog, twice a day.  She has to clean her room and put her toys away.  She also gets herself ready for bed; brushing her teeth, putting her pj's on.  Plus whatever little things I can think of throughout the day.

The first one this day was a fun project: making cookies.  
This recipe is a new favorite in our house: Trail Mix Cookies.  When I make them, it's not vegan, but they are incredibly good.   

Adding the applesauce

Adding the butter

Adding vanilla

Mixing the dry ingredients

The final product

And later that day she helped my mopping.  In her high heels, of course.  

We have a magnetic responsibility chart that hangs in her room that we do daily.  It has a list of her responsibilities and the days of the week.  Everyday we go over her chart to see how's she done and she gets to put a magnet on the responsibilities she does.  The only one she has real trouble with is "no whining."  Matter of fact, last week she runs up to me and hands me a hook and nail.  I asked where it came from so she told me that her chart fell down.  When I inquired further, she told me that she had taken her "no whining" magnet down and replaced with something else.  In the process the nail had come out of the wall and her chart had fallen down.  When I checked her chart, I saw "no whining" had been replaced with terrific job!  I laughed.  Then I explained that just because she wasn't doing perfect on it doesn't mean we get to change it.  The magnet being there helps to remind us to work on not whining.  So we put "no whining" back on her chart and her chart back on the wall.  

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